Offsite Backup

Making sure that you have a backup of your important data is something that is often overlooked until after the fact. The reality is, all devices can die at any time. If you only have your data stored on one device, this will leave you without crucial family pictures, work documents, or tax information hours before you need that information.

Offsite backup is assurance that you will not lose your important files when this disaster hits. Your data is stored securely in the cloud on multiple servers in multiple locations.

We offer internet backup from $5 a month depending on how much space you need.

10 GB$10/monthPerfect for Office Documents and small photo collections.
50 GB$15/monthMost Personal Computers will fall in this category.
100 GB$20/monthIdeal for larger photo and music libraries.
>100GBContact UsFor storage needs over 100GB, contact us for pricing.